Richard Hart Prize

Hart Prize 2016
Jennifer Raso awarded Richard Hart Prize 2016

The Richard Hart Prize was established at the 2016 conference. It is awarded for the best paper delivered at the Public Law Conference by an early career scholar. We are very grateful to Mr Richard Hart, the founder of Hart Publishing Ltd and a member of the Conference Advisory Board, for kindly donating the prize. The establishment of the prize reflects a commitment to encouraging the involvement of early career scholars in the conference, which was also fostered by the introduction of dedicated panels for doctoral students at the 2016 conference. Such panels will also be included in the 2018 conference. The prize serves as a marker of Richard's significant role in the founding of and continued support for the Public Law series of conferences.

The best paper is judged on the basis of written papers submitted by early career scholars in advance of the conference, and the winner is announced at the conference dinner. The papers are judged by a panel comprised of three members of the conference Advisory Board. The winner of the prize receives an award of £250. The eligibility criteria are set out below.

The 2016 prize

The first Richard Hart Prize was awarded in 2016 to Jennifer Raso (@jenraso), a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto, for a paper entitled 'Unity in the Eye of the Beholder? Reasons for Decision in Theory and Practice'. The prize was awarded by a judging panel consistent of Professor David Feldman (Cambridge), Professor Carol Harlow (LSE) and Lord Reed (UK Supreme Court). 

The 2018 prize and eligibility criteria

The second Richard Hart Prize will be awarded at the 2018 conference in Melbourne. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

Anyone who (a) is studying for, but who has not yet been awarded, a doctoral degree in Law; or (b) was awarded a doctoral degree in Law on or after 1 July 2015; or (c) was appointed to their first full-time academic position on or after 1 July 2015. No person who has held a full-time academic position for more than three years as of 1 July 2018 shall be eligible for the prize. The conference convenors’ decisions as to eligibility shall be final.

Eligible prospective speakers will be invited, when responding to our call for papers, to notify the convenors if they wish to be considered for the Richard Hart Prize.